lunedì 22 marzo 2010


There's nothing I like more than wearing a beanie on long hair.
I've spent like one hour to get an image of what I mean...and finally that's it!!!

I could wear it also in summer!


sabato 20 marzo 2010


Sorry people I really hope I'm not bothering you with all these blogs, but since I've started one about SHOES I realle felt the need to have one where I talk about the rest I like.
I have decided to give this name to the blog ( I HEART ROCK 'N' ROLL), not because I'm a rock freak (even though I pretend to be!), but just because I love the rock that's it.
I hope you all enjoy my thoughts and tastes!

This is the first pic I'm gonna upload and it's about a super cool jewel!!

Sadly I don't know who's this from cos it's just a pic I have on my computer since a long time!!
Hope someone could help me to find out the designer!
bye bye